Saturday, 21 November 2015


Our students won tickets to visit the X Games in L.A. and the experience was so interesting that they decided to share it in the blog. Look at different extracts of what they wrote:

Posted by Elena Blanco
My friend Rachel and I were so nervous about our journey. We took the 9am flight, so we have just arrived to Los Angeles .
During the trip Rachel was throwing all the time so she had a very bad time.
We finally arrived and we are going to the hotel, because we need to sleep for tomorrow`s event.

Posted by María Chaves
Hi everybody! We were expecting to be in Los Angeles at 5pm, but due to bad weather conditions our flight has been diverted to New York. We have spent ten hours at JFK airport waiting for better weather conditions. So finally, we took off from New York to Los Angeles at 11 pm.

Posted by Samuel González
Our flight was late and we’ve missed the first part of the event, although luckily it was the presentation ceremony. We saw many different competitions, but the most amazing one was the motocross competition, when a guy did a backflip and all participants did stunts. Besides we’ve taken photos and selfies with some of them. 
Posted by Laia Doval
Today I had an amazing day! This morning we watched the BMX final and it was incredible! Those guys have so much talent. Later, we had lunch and we went sightseeing. Los Angeles is such a big and a fantastic city. We visited The Walk of Fame and we saw Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt! My dad doesn’t like this type of city but I know he is having a great time here. Now we are going to have dinner in the town and we are going to the movies.

 Posted by Amalia Leiva
Today is the last day that we are in Los Angeles, I can’t believe we have only been here for two days. In the morning we went on a bus tour of the city and later we went to The Walk of Fame of  Hollywood.

Posted by Veronica Colmenero 
Today has been amazing.This morning we watched the motocross.We've just had dinner,and now we're going for a walk because Mum wants to visit the city centre

Posted by David Gérez  
Today has been amazing, this morning we went to the beach because there was the surfing competition; I don’t know how they can stay in the waves!

Posted by Ainhoa Rey
I can’t believe it’s Friday, I have spent all the days visiting the city  and I met a lot of pepople and I made new friends , I don’t want to leave, I will try to enjoy this weekend because on Sunday I will return to Spain.

Posted by Silvia Callejo 
I would like to stay here for many more days! But I have to start school and maybe 1 week is okay. Before leaving Los Angeles, I went to the beach and I ate in an amazing restaurant, but so expensive. I wish I could live here, I love this city so much!

Posted by Santiago Vargas
This wekeend was amazing I want to come back next year.We saw a lot of things. We saw a very beautiful beach too. 


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