Saturday, 3 March 2018

Poems inspired in paintings

Who would have thought that 2n batxillerat students were such good poets? here you have a sample of the best poems they wrote to participate in Sant Jordi´s literary contest. Enjoy!

Hey, be carefull and keep quiet,
'cause they are playing,
do not distract them.
They are playing hide and seek,
but hiding from who?
From the wave, from Fuji or from us.
Keep quiet and listen,
Listen to the sound of the wave,
Listen to the scream from the fisherman,
And listen to Fuji breathing.
Oh! sorry dear,
we can not hear them,
'cause it is the sunrise and there is silence everywhere.
Are they playing hide and seek?
No dear, the wave is hugging them.

By Jiaxin Zhang, 2n Batx B

   “Orpheus leading Eurydice from the underworld” by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

Through the blinding screams,

The deafening mist

The sound of silence

The whisper that drags me to heaven

And leaves me at the gates of hell

I’ve come this far

Just to become the shadow of what I was

And the sigh of what I’ll never become

Blinded by my misgivings,

Becoming just dust

I lost her when I saw her

I lost myself in the path

I lost my magic, the music, the muses

I lost it all

And I lost my head

But does it really matter, anyway?

Did it even matter?

I was nothing but a cruel irony’s puppet

Given a second of happiness

Paying it with an eternity of emptiness

By Lorena Arcediano, 2n Batx A 

The girl on the window by Salvador Dalí
When it’s seven in the morning
And the wind comes through the window,
you only want to see what’s coming
and the landscape that’s drawn,
just in front of you.
A woman is up there,
alone feeling what’s inside of her.
She’s just watching the blue sea,
and now you can see,
what’s the feeling of be free.
By Elena González, 2n Batx B

There are looks that can talk
and can kiss too.

There are looks than kiss
every corner of the soul,
because the root of the looks
is in the heart.

There are looks that smile
and make the soul shake.

There are clean looks
that speak when they look.

There are looks that revel
themselves when they speak,
because they confess in
silence the secrets of the heart.
By Mireia Crespo, 2n Batx A

Two different poems inspired in the famous Guernica by Pablo Picasso:


 His paradise, both by day and by night

 There is demon in his paradise!

 Blackening the sun and the light

 To the distorted night

 Black, cover up the colorful world

 White, foil the evil of the death

 Gray, fell into a state of profound absurd

 Blue Painterhis broken faith

 Blue Painterdraw all the torment inside

 Thereused to be his paradise

 He shall not live in vain

                                     By Zhongying Jiang 2nBatxA

Hurt is the first word I can say when I saw that,
Hurt suffered by all those poor people,
Hurt of how cruel we can be,
Hurt to see that your whole life has crashed down.

I wish that light bulb would just mean freedom
And not as a way of show us the endless death,
Symbolized with a multiple grey colour tones
Where the shouted screams are silenced.

Why do people start wars?
There’s just a simple answer for that,
It’s just to make hurt

By Carla Puertas, 2n Batx B 

By Bansky
Don’t lose who you are.

You think you're alone
But I can see you,
And you are not doing what you want.
You feel pressure
Supporting criticism,
You are not accepted by others
There is no civism.
They think you shouldn’t be here
And silence seizes you,
You can’t express yourself
Or they probably don’t want you to do it.
Are you misunderstood art?
Or someone who wants to be happy?
Just think you're here for a reason,
And I can see you
Don’t lose who you are.

By Nadya Mónico, 2n Batx B

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