Monday, 13 April 2015

Moral Dilemmas

What would you do if you were a photo journalist in a war zone and somebody near you was injured? Would you stop taking pictures and help this person, at the risk of your own life, or would you keep taking pictures that could make a difference in the conflict?
Discuss this and other moral dilemmas in this very interestig National Geographic Webpage

After choosing and watching one of the short videos, use the following questions to have a conversation with the members of your group:

-Why did you choose this video?

-What did you think about the video after watching it?

-What would you do in this situation?

-If you don´t share the same opinion as other members of the group, try to reason your point of view.

-How do you think the story ended? Would you have done the same?
-Have you ever found yourself in a moral dilemma? Explain it to the other members of the group. What did you do? What would they have done?

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