Friday, 24 April 2015


Imagine you are seven families who come from different parts of England and are together in Hawaii because your children are participating in a football tournament. Suddenly, something very unusual happens....

Oh my God!!! What a tragedy! Luckily, everybody survives, but now you have to go around the class with your family card, asking each other questions to find the rest of the members of your family. Hurry up, you are impatient to find out if everybody is safe!

These are the questions you can ask each other:
What is your name?
Where do you live?
What are the names of your children?
What are the names of your parents?
How old are you?
How many children have you got?
How many brothers and sisters have you got?

Did you find the rest of the members of your family? Now you have to celebrate that everybody is safe and sound. You are planning a holiday to celebrate your good luck! Sit with the rest of your family and write down a dialogue about planning your next holidays.Remember first to ask all the members of your family where were they and what happened to them, how they survived, etc... You will have to act it in front of the class. You can dress up a little for your role play, if you want.

You can use this dialogue from the listening we practised last week:

Mum: Ben! Alice! my children! My husband!Come here, we are so happy to have you back? What happened to you, how did you survive?
Ben: It was terrible, mum! I survived because I swam in the sea and then I found a tree to wait there. 
Dad: Me and Alice were really afraid and we spent a long, long time in the water, but finally a boat rescued us. 
Mum: I am so happy for all of you! Many people died, we are really lucky!

Mum and Dad. Hey, Alice! Ben! Come here a minute! Mum and I are thinking about our summer holiday ..
Ben-Yay!! Can we go to the USA?!
Dad  Er, no ... We’re definitely staying in Europe. Look – here are some possibilities ...
Alice Let’s see.
Dad ‘A luxury family tent in France’ – see? I’d like to stay in a tent like this! They’re more luxurious than our little tent!
Ben Yeah!
Dad There are beds in the tent! There’s even a fridge and a cooker!
Mum Yes, but there isn’t a bathroom in the tent!
Dad No, that’s true.
Alice   I’d prefer to stay in a villa in Spain. Look – the villa has got a swimming pool! And it’s directly opposite the beach!
Mum This Spanish campsite is near the beach, too. Why don’t we stay there in a mobile home?  It’s nicer than a tent – there’s a bathroom with a toilet and a shower ...
Alice Yeah, definitely better ...
Dad Yes, but the mobile homes are more expensive than the tents.
Mum Hmm. That’s true ... What do you think, Ben? What do you prefer?
Ben I’d love to stay at a hotel in Barcelona! It’s more exciting to stay in the city. And if we stay in Barcelona ... we can go to the Nou Camp football stadium!
Dad Good idea! But we can’t stay at a hotel or a villa – sorry! It’s too expensive.
MumLet’s stay at a campsite near Barcelona then. In a mobile home?
Dad OK, in a mobile home.
Alice And we can still go to the beach?
Mum: Yeah, definitely
Ben: and the Camp Nou Stadium?
Dad: yes!

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