Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Inspiration from Art

Here you can see the best poems written by 2n batxillerat students once they followed the instructions from the Prezi " Inspiration from Art", in the Writing section. They are very interesting, enjoy!

         Horse Bath, by Joaquim Sorolla

When the sun bathes me
in the salty breeze
that reddens my lips
after the water pearls in my skin
and the regal star deceases
for today
and I lose sight of the bay,
the bright white of its fur
also fades away
and it is the moon
that rips the gloom
on its mirage of the light
                                                                                  behind the sea,
                                                                                  do I dare to state
                                                                                    that it is not worth
                                                                                  to live
                                                                                  for this?

                                                                                          by Leire Fernández Bravo 

The Dancers, by Edgar Degas 

What can it be?
What is it that makes it special?
Is it the freedom?
Or maybe the reward for the hard work?
What makes you have butterflies in the stomach?
What will be the love of dance?
Does the sweet sound of the music sound?
Or is it the thrill of the applause of the public?
Be that as it may, the curtain rises,
We went out to scene
The music sounds,
And finally...I feel free 

by Lidia Carrasco

Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Johannes Vermeer

 Who can she be?
Where is she from?
Is she free?
Or is she a slave?
She seem brave,
To be enclosed.
Whom it may be proposed,
To be a model?
     Might she be in a muddle?
       And do I try
    To search for it?

by Anna Avilés

Girl at the Window, by Salvador Dalí

What can it be?
Is she waiting for something?
Is she shedding tears into the deep black sea?
Is she waiting for nothing?
Or maybe she needs some help?
Some help to find out herself?
Trying to replace some mistakes?
Or maybe she only needs some break?
All it can be,
Searching answers into the sea’

by Sara Gérez

The left painting of the landscape, by Vasili Kandinsky

The fields of the lowest afternoon
Deformed the warm picture
Maybe this is just a green landscape
Or is this the shadow of love?
A love which the pair in the middle
Is going on walking through the time
Now I can see it clear! That´s it!
The couple met with another one
Oh! Sad moment for the men
He was sure about his heart
This one though: come on, go ahead!
She is loving you...yet
Years were passing so slow
                                                                               Tears were following so fast
                                                                                        Her smiles wouldn´t be him anymore
                                                                                       But... if is that a landscape, right?
                                                                                                          by Ariel Jiménez

The traveller above the sea of mist”, by Kaspar David Friedrich

Remember, remember
The clouds of december
The sun in the sky
The bird starts to fly
And you stay alone
With the feet in the stone
The mist covers all
Like a stone behind a wall
I wish you were here
To see with you the mountains and trees

by Sergio Aguado

The per sistence of memory, by Salvador Dalí

What is the time?
What you cannot buy?
What you cannot change?
What you cannot stop?
Time is what happens
While you are busy making other things
Does it really exist?
Time wasted
Cannot be recovered
Is it an illusion?
Where is the past?
Is it in your memories?
                                                                                  Where is the future?
                                                                                Is it in your dreams?
                                                                                       Would you change your past?

                                                                                  by Xavier Cantos

Liberty guiding the People, by Eugene Delacroix

Like the liberty that demands Segismundo
That is the liberty that dream all
Why do we desire that liberty?
Who asks for hit, ad nauseam this right?
We desire it without knowing, we need it
But we negate this, including the slaves
How to achieve liberty?
Can they, being objects for their owners, achieve it?
              Liberty is what allows us
                        Is what lets us be like we really are
                                                                    Liberty, a right that is forgotten by humans
                                                                          That today will disappear like the slaves´liberty

                                                                                by Agata Sánchez

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