Monday, 28 September 2015


Have you ever heard of sensory branding? This is a marketing concept which has spread widely. More and more companies use it and it has replaced other more traditional ways of advertising.
Find information about sensory branding and, in groups of two or three, design an oral exposition where you focus on a certain company and explain its sensory branding techniques and whether these have improved sales. You can also analyze an advertisement that uses sensory branding and comment its techniques and whether you think they are successful. You may use slides to help you explain your discoveries to the rest of the class. Good luck, we´ll be waiting for your results to be published in the blog!

 Here we have some of the power points that our 2n Batxillerat students used to explain their sensory branding examples to the rest of the class:

- Cristina Grande and Sara Gonzalo, from 2n Batxillerat A, analysed the Hyundai Genesis advertisement

- Victor Langa , from 2n Batxillerat A, analysed the MediaMarkt ad

- Carla Peláez and Sara Cardoso, from 2n Batxillerat A,  explained the most popular marketing  techniques in general.

-Cecilia Paniagua, from 2n Batxillerat A, analyzed a Coca-Cola ad.

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