Wednesday, 30 September 2015

App or computer game recommendation

What´s your favourite app? Could you live without it? What about computer games, is there a game that you find amazing and worth recommending?
Choose an app or a computer game, explain its advantages and why you like it so much, and recommend it to your friends. You can do it individually or in groups of 2/3 and you can use slides to help your presentation if you wish. Here you have an example that you can use as a model.

 And here you have some app recommendations made by our students:
-Asier Jaurrieta, a 3rdB student, would like to recommend Babbel  if you want to learn new languages.
-Adrian Llamas, also 3rB, would like to recommend Wikihow as a complement to Wikipedia.
-Evgeniya Porotova, Arianna Pannunzi and Jordi Lluch, from 3rB, would like to recommend  because every week they add valuable and useful information for teenagers.
- Karen Torres and Alba Yelmo, 3rd B students, would like to recommend Camera 360 as a very good editor for your pictures.
- Marina Cañizares and Miquel Gusi, also 3rdB students, would like to recommend Spotify as a good place to listen to music and have your songs classified. 
- Alba Gijón, Mar Valls and Hatime Oudiai, from 3rdA, would like to recommend Instagram as one of the best social networking sites to show your pictures to friends and followers.e.
- David Gerez, a 3rdA student, would like to recommend Twitter as a good social networking site.
- Joel Moreno and Marc Reina, of 3rdA, would like to recommend Wallapop to sell or buy second hand.
- Marcos Loscos, of 3rdA, recommends a good app to play football online with real players, it´s called Dream League

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