Monday, 26 October 2015


Have you ever heard of Geocaching? It is a very interesting way of going " treasure hunting" with friends or family, and it´s a very nice way of keeping you enternained and motivated when you go trekking or just for a walk. Would you like to try?

Get into the Geocaching webpage with your group ( 2/3 people), register, start looking for caches and then tell us about it!
Once you find a cache you have to make several pictures of it and write a short text under every picture, explaining where and how you found it, etc... Do not forget to send the document with text and pictures to the teacher, so that we can post it in the blog and share it with the rest of the class. Would you prefer to record it as a video? You can also do it too, if you are brave enough!
If you want to be even more "professional", make and hide your own cache! But tell us about it too, and of course register your new cache in the geocaching webpage for others to find.

Before doing anything, watch these tips for beginners!

This is a typical treasure, or " cache" as experienced geocachers call it. 

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