Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Do you have a favourite piece of art? Mine is this painting from the National Gallery in London, The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, by Paul Delaroche. I saw the original when I was quite young, after watching the film " Lady Jane" and reading about this period of history, and I have visited this painting every time I return to London.

There are several reasons why a painting might be your favourite. Before thinking about it, try and answer these questions:

1- What attracts you from a painting?
2-  Do you think it is important to see the original piece?
3- What kind of painting style do you prefer ?
4-  What is more important for you: the story that the painting tells, or the feelings that the painting causes in the viewer?

Now think again: do you have a favourite painting? When you have decided which one, go to the writing section of this blog and start writing a poem for Sant Jordi. Have a look at the Prezi presentation for 2nd Batxillerat and at the best poems made by last year students, you can find them in the May 2015 section.

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