Monday, 16 May 2016

News at the High School

Our reporters from 3r ESO A and B have been working very hard these last weeks, because many crimes have been committed! Here you have some of the news they reported:

The football team won the tournament

Welcome to Joan Miró news! Luckily some students of 3ª ESO won the intertournament of Cornellà. Our school team became the champions of our city.
The team was integrated by some students from the third course. They were for example Asier Jaurrieta, Albert Rodríguez or Mario Ballestero among others. They played 8 matchs with other secondary schools of Cornellà.
The final was played in Joan Miró. Obviously the match was a recital of sport. The final was very exciting, because Asier Jaurrieta marked the most important goal in the last five minutes. Still they are very tired, but they are happy for their good performance in the tournament.
At the end of the football final day, they lifted the gold cup. They took a photo of the team to remember this special day for them and for all the secondary school.

Reporter by Asier Jaurrieta, 3r B

Murder in high school : The guilty has been caught 
by the detectives

Welcome back! We start the class without problems. Unfortunately, a math’s teacher called Helena Domínguez has been murdered by a student called Ismael Sánchez, we can say that the problem has stayed solved. Apparently, the students had too much problems.

All started in a normal day. The teacher was found by the other teachers of the high school, in the teacher’s room. She had been stabbed by someone. Apparently, when the murderer killed his victim, he closed the door with the keys that Helena wore for that nobody could entry there. Obviously, the guilty wanted to carry his teacher to a lonely place to kill her. In addition, the witness have said that all started because the teacher erased the slate board, and later, finished with his bad mark in the exam. He wanted to solve a ‘problem’.

Luckily, the director called the police and the detectives. The detectives investigated and recruited all the students for a strict review. Luckily, the detectives investigated all the student’s fingerprints, and caught the guilty. Apparently, the fingerprints agreedwith the knife’s  fingerprints. The guilty would have to have used a glove. It seems that the student didn’t find the correct ‘formula’.

The student ‘solved the problem’. We hope that the next students solve their problems with calculator this time.

Reported by Marina Cañizares Sánchez

Class 3B